Meanwhile, Back at the (Contemporary) Ranch… - Juniper

Meanwhile, Back at the (Contemporary) Ranch…

Meanwhile, Back at the (Contemporary) Ranch…

Few things are as American as baseball, hamburgers, rock n’ roll and ranch-style homes. In fact, until recently, the ranch home was the most popular home style in America – and by popular we mean that by 1950, 9 out of every 10 new homes built in the United States was a ranch! Chances are, you’ve either lived in, or been in, a ranch-style home but might have taken these traditional American designs for granted.


The ranch-style house is noted for its long, single-story, close-to-the-ground profile, and wide open layout. The house style fused modernist ideas and styles with notions of the American Western period, known for its wide open spaces to facilitate a very informal and casual living style. So what exactly is “ranch-style” and why did it become so popular?


Ranch-style homes — then known as “ramblers” — first came into existence during the 1920’s, but didn’t achieve their full popularity until after World War II. The ease of construction and customizability with this style made it a favorite among the many returning soldiers who were looking to settle down with their families, and their appeal quickly caught on with older homeowners seeking to age in place stair-free, as well as couples and families of all ages.


While the original style of the ranch was very informal and basic in design, starting around the early 1960s, many ranch-style houses were increasingly built with more dramatic features like varying roof lines, cathedral ceilings, sunken living rooms, and extensive landscaping and grounds. Beginning in the late 1990s, a revival of interest occurred, mainly focused on existing houses and neighborhoods, not new construction.



So what happens when you take this retro home design, along with its vintage spirit, and mix it with a modern design look? Well, you get a stunning blend of home fashion and trending, forward-thinking sensibility. While ranch homes continue to be viewed as mid-century gems, they can be brought into the 21st century with a few modern touches, without detracting from their essence. The goal of most ranch home remodels is clean architectural geometry, an expanded open-floor plan, and improved circulation and access.


For example, modern touches help turn this California ranch home into a showcase for the homeowner’s furniture company and selected items from their world travels.


In the family room, a wall of glass doors blurs the line between indoors and out, opening to the back patio that overlooks the pool and entertaining spaces on the lawn. This is an ideal setting for Juniper’s entire Outdoor Collection, which includes: the J40 Sofa, J41 Chair, J46 Chair, J48 Dining Table, J49 Coffee Table and the J50 Side Tables.



The simple layout and detailing of this single-story residence, with its numerous connections to the surrounding landscape, create a home that’s both calm and restful for the family to enjoy, while also defining a particular lifestyle as a means of engaging guests for many years to come. With ranch-style homes, it’s all about quality over quantity, so even simple touches like the J64 Hanging Pendant A Lamp, or the J56 Mini Bar, can go a long way when it comes to updating these traditional interiors.



No matter the style or aesthetic employed, ranch homes have stood the test of time and continue to define – and with a little contemporary flair, redefine – what American living is all about.





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Named after the fog-licked Juniper trees on the hills of San Francisco, Juniper is an in-stock furniture collection by Eric Brand that pays homage to timeless materials, techniques and silhouettes – brought to life through expert craftsmanship.