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Five Reasons We Love Bamboo Furniture

Five Reasons We Love Bamboo Furniture


Bamboo is truly the design gift that keeps on giving. Why do we love bamboo so much? Let us count the ways (in no apparent order):

1: It’s Gorgeous

Smooth, glossy, light and bright. Bamboo – the largest member of the grass family – simply looks as pleasant as it feels. While its natural color is similar to that of beech wood, darker shades can be obtained through staining, which offers a wide spectrum that can match any interior design.

2: It’s Versatile

There are more than 1,000 different species of bamboo and the stems of the bamboo plant can vary from a few centimeters to 40 meters in height! There are many great uses for bamboo around the house. For instance, there are a lot of wonderful furniture pieces made of bamboo including chairs, beds, tables, nightstands and headboards, and also a lot of accent pieces such as mirror frames, backsplashes and wallpaper. Because it’s both lightweight and durable, bamboo is a great material for blinds, shades and privacy screens. Bamboo flooring is also quite popular, offering spaces a casual, warm and inviting look.

3: It’s Resilient

Here’s a cool fact: Bamboo’s tensile strength is 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel. What is the key to bamboo’s strength? Bamboo grows straight and no other trees grow as straight as bamboo. There are “knuckles,” but these variances are consistent and dense and don’t weaken the bamboo’s structure. When laminated, bamboo’s strength is enhanced, and the lamination provides another layer against the wear and tear of use.

Because of this, Bamboo furniture is stronger than most furniture that you have in your home. It’s in fact among the hardest woods and, in addition to that, it’s also resistant to insects and moisture. This makes it a good candidate for outdoor furniture, providing its under a covered space to avoid direct exposure to the elements. Inside or out, bamboo is more scratch-resistant than most hardwoods, as well as resistant to swelling.

4: It’s Sustainable

Bamboo grows faster than any other woody plant in the world. In fact, it grows in pretty much any type of climate, from cold mountain regions to hot tropical areas. It also needs few pesticides and fertilizers and little irrigation to thrive. This makes for an incredibly eco-friendly material you can feel good about implementing in your home or business.

5: It’s Easy

Last but not least, the cleaning and maintenance of bamboo is pretty simple. Just make sure you apply oil every one or two months to prevent cracks and to maintain its shiny luster. For routine cleaning, use a soft cloth, a sponge and mild soapy water – it’s a simple as that. In keeping with its eco-friendly nature, organic or natural soaps are preferred.

So there you have it. Five reasons why we’ll always love bamboo furniture, and why you should too!



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