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The Impact Of Hammered Metal Furniture

The Impact Of Hammered Metal Furniture

The Impact Of Hammered Metal Furniture

Much like ourselves, we like to think of hammered metal furniture as being perfect in its imperfections. What is it about this type of finishing that we love so much?

As its name suggests, hammered finishes appear to have been hit many times across their entire surface with a hammer. These finishes feature many small dents and imperfections for a highly textured appearance – an effect that is oftentimes achieved by hand.

Patterns can either be very small and tight, which creates a random textural effect referred to as “fractal,” or very large, which creates a more natural, weathered look – like dents sustained from large hail. A 1-foot area within a fractal pattern can have as many as 10,000 individual hammer marks, so the stylistic possibilities are pretty broad.



These finishes are usually made from soft metals, such as copper, brass, zinc and pewter. Only the areas where the hammer directly contacts the metal will stretch, so it’s never completely flat. These irregularities add to the overall character of the piece, and makes dings and scratches less apparent. The lived-in look of hammered finishes allows us to breathe easy and enjoy the furniture as intended, making these pieces ideal for households with pets and children (without sacrificing choice sensibility).

Hammered finishes are also pretty versatile – imparting a texture to the metal opens up a wider range of applications combining the strength and resilience of the material with the beauty and creativity of artwork. Vastly different looks can be achieved — rustic, industrial, contemporary — depending on the metal and hammering pattern.


In fact, textured metals can be used for a multitude of applications, from decorative panels and range hoods, to table legs, bases, and tops. Just about any project can be elevated by using the right metal with the right texture and finish.

There’s so much to adore when it comes to hammered metal furniture – it is both aesthetically bold and cozy at the same time. These pieces are able to function artistically as well as practically, which we feel encapsulates the best of both worlds when it comes to interior design.



Founded in 1996 and based in San Francisco, Eric Brand offers custom-styled furniture and worldwide sourcing along with exquisite materials and finishes, specifically for the high-end residential design market and hospitality industry.


Named after the fog-licked Juniper trees on the hills of San Francisco, Juniper is an in-stock furniture collection by Eric Brand that pays homage to timeless materials, techniques and silhouettes – brought to life through expert craftsmanship.

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