Resilience and Beauty – The Enduring Quality of Resin Furniture - Juniper

Resilience and Beauty – The Enduring Quality of Resin Furniture

Resilience and Beauty – The Enduring Quality of Resin Furniture

Resilience and Beauty – The Enduring Quality of Resin Furniture

There is perhaps no material more popular with modern designers than resin. It’s durable, resilient, pliable and attractive – used to coat wood or metal pieces, or molded to create various shapes beyond 90-degree angles or gentles curves.

Resin is a strong, high-quality plastic material used for anything from seat, back and arm-rest elements, as well as tabletops and free standing furniture pieces. It makes for ideal outdoor furniture because it’s extremely weatherproof (it doesn’t rust or rot). But to designate resin exclusively for outdoor furniture alone is to dismiss its plentiful creative potential.

Keep in mind that until not so long ago, resin furniture was typically limited to the faux wicker types or the more durable alternatives to plastic chairs and tables used on decks and patios. But when designers recognized its wide-ranging adhesive property, the application of this wonder material really took shape – no pun intended.

When it comes to resin molds, the imagination is a designer’s only limitation. Details both striking and subtle can be etched into the surface of the furniture to emphasize a multitude of designs in either smooth, glossy or matte finishes. As a result, the resin coated pieces can look natural and organic like our J75 A and B tables (with matte finishes suitable for outdoor use)… glossy and metallic like our J16 A (perfect for indoor use)…  or somewhere in between like our J37.

In addition to being incredibly visually appealing, resin finishes designed for outdoor environments can be left in the elements indefinitely and simply be cleaned with soap and water to make it shine again.

It should be noted that most of our resin furnishings do have finishes applied to them – such as the J16A and J16B, J37 and J75 – so care must be taken when cleaning them the same as other furniture products. These more complicated finishes (metallic or antiqued) couldn’t be achieved by simply mixing it into the mold, so most of our decorative resin finishes are applied on top of the resin base.

Resilient, durable, versatile and attractive. Resin furniture has come a long way since its original applications, and we are excited to continue its creative renaissance with new and compelling pieces for both outdoor and indoor use.  



Founded in 1996 and based in San Francisco, Eric Brand offers custom-styled furniture and worldwide sourcing along with exquisite materials and finishes, specifically for the high-end residential design market and hospitality industry.



Named after the fog-licked Juniper trees on the hills of San Francisco, Juniper is an in-stock furniture collection by Eric Brand that pays homage to timeless materials, techniques and silhouettes – brought to life through expert craftsmanship.

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