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Less Is More: Interior Design In Confined Spaces

Less Is More: Interior Design In Confined Spaces

Less Is More: Interior Design In Confined Spaces


Big city living comes with many perks, but spacious dwellings are rarely one of them. While living in more confined spaces might seem limiting in terms of interior design and style, the fact remains quality is always greater than quantity – and the only true limitation is your own creativity.


Let’s consider a few tricks of the design trade that will allow you to optimize what little space you may have, and a few choice Juniper items that will help you achieve optimal comfort and style.


First things first: start from scratch. Take all your old furniture and décor out and start fresh with the following tips. Doing so will enable you to see your space in a new light, and help you reimagine its ample possibilities…


Keep Things Essential


Choices need to be made. Only buy/keep what you actually use day-to-day. For example, dining tables are often a centerpiece, but instead of going with a traditional, space-consuming table, you may want to opt for a smaller, round dining table instead.


The J2 Dining Table will fit this bill quite nicely – literally. That said, you might want to do away with a table altogether, in which case our fabulous J13 Bar Stools could make your Bar counter top the only dining space you really need.


Establish Comfort Zones


Think about all the things you do at home – work, sleep, relax, eat – and then establish separate zones for these activities. Even a high-rise loft or studio apartment can be broken up into designated areas with strategically-placed tables and chairs. Try using these items to establish borders which allow you to compartmentalize your living space and help you focus.


For example, the J58 A Coffee Table and J53A Side Table can be designated to establish some of these comfort zones. Even better, they can also be set aside by simply removing and folding up their slender, polished brass bamboo inspired legs for easy storage should you want to open things up a bit. After all, one of the keys to comfortable small space living is flexibility.

Keep It Clean


Using clean-lined furniture such as the J11 Table or the J76 Lounge Chair helps to open up your space and not weigh it down with clunky or skirted options. Another way to keep your space neat is to make sure chairs (like our J33) are tucked completely under their table or desk when not in use.

Let Your Furniture Multitask  


When working with limited space, the key is maximizing your furniture’s functionality. For example, the J71 Cabinet is a great entry piece that also has storage capabilities. Need some more? The J63A Coffee Table has two levels in which choice items can be tucked away neatly.


The J27 Bench makes a lovely statement in your entry or at the foot of your bed, however, it can also be used for extra seating in your living room when you have your next cocktail party. Likewise, the J16A and B Coffee Tables are visually unique pieces that can be used as intended, or even as makeshift seats for guests.


Speaking of coffee tables, the J37 Hammered Side Table is a versatile piece in any home, as you can use one as a side table or pair two together for a unique coffee table.


And in keeping with the theme of versatility, the J72 Side Table is perfect for big parties in small spaces: a yellow eggshell lacquer top is removable and can be used as a serving tray. After all, with all this newfound seating space, you’ll need to carry those libations around with ease. Your spot might just become the best kept secret hangout in the city…


Don’t Be Afraid To Go Big…


While space is limited and won’t allow much room for larger items, don’t be afraid to utilize one big statement piece – they draw eyes and conversations. Too often consumers think that because their space is small, they should only buy a bunch of small pieces, but top designers know that’s the opposite of good space planning — one bold statement piece always makes a better impact than many small, busy items.


To make such an impact, look no further than the J31 Cabinet, J12 Straw Cabinet, and J10 Credenza. Last but not least, the J5 Leather Desk is a prime example of a larger statement piece that is still remarkably efficient: the beautifully lined canvas interior features shelving, drawers, a foldout desk and a power outlet for easy connections.


… Within Reason


Knowing how to optimize your space means knowing when to scale back. Fortunately, there’s a way to achieve this without sacrificing style and function. For instance, the J8 Small Drink Table is the perfect spot to rest your favorite libation, phone or remote.

Additionally, J56 Small Bar consists of a glass ice bucket wrapped in black leather mock croc, accompanied with brass ice tongs also wrapped in leather, all supported atop an ebony stained mahogany tray – the ideal accessory to help you toast your strategic interior design skills once you’ve successfully redesigned your space.


With a little planning and a creative eye, there’s no reason why your little home in the big city can’t be a welcoming space that is both totally efficient and incredibly stylish.





Founded in 1996 and based in San Francisco, Eric Brand offers custom-styled furniture and worldwide sourcing along with exquisite materials and finishes, specifically for the high-end residential design market and hospitality industry.



Named after the fog-licked Juniper trees on the hills of San Francisco, Juniper is an in-stock furniture collection by Eric Brand that pays homage to timeless materials, techniques and silhouettes – brought to life through expert craftsmanship.

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