Our Successful Collaboration With A Procurement Company

When it comes to Juniper, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas – because it’s the launching pad for exciting things to come.

Over the course of the next year, 2,760 rooms within the famed Treasure Island Hotel & Casino will be adorned with various Juniper items, and 193 of those will be outfitted exclusively with all things Juniper top to bottom. Currently, 18 suites are fully realized Juniper concepts, which serve as the ambitious project’s initial prototype.

It all began a year ago in Asia, where Juniper founder Eric Brand met with the highly-regarded purchasing procurement company Project Dynamics to show off Juniper’s Asian operations. In addition to the factories that produce Juniper’s products, the tour included their immersive showrooms. These spaces were designed to allow Asian customers and clients to walk inside fully-realized Juniper visions for their home, office, or hospitality business, and purchase the entire room – from carpets and artwork, to furniture and accessories.

The principal concept was that an owner can pick out product that’s already well designed and executed, meets their hospitality standards, and is fully documented – all of which expedites their ability to bring a large scope project to fruition.

Impressed by what they saw, Project Dynamics – based in Vegas – asked Eric what his main vision was for Juniper. “Beyond our plan for distributing Juniper as we currently are online and direct-to-consumer, it would be to have Juniper hotels throughout North America,” Eric recalls telling them. “Well 10 days later, after returning to the US, the owner of the company called me up and said, ‘Be careful what you ask for because Treasure Island has 18 suites in the hotel that they want to re-design, and we think we can convince them to make the suites all Juniper. Would you be interested?’ And I agreed on the spot.”

Juniper jumped to action by generating 3D renders of the 18 suites with A and B versions and the hotel gave the green light. This initial phase of the Treasure Island project showed that the Juniper line could help design firms, ownership groups or procurement companies eliminate development costs and time associated with getting a project of this magnitude off the ground.

Three months later, Treasure Island wanted to talk about the big picture: 2,760 rooms that need to re-designed, out of which, 193 will be turned entirely into Juniper concepts – 100% of the furniture, carpeting and lighting. For the rest of the rooms, a soft-refurbish is being implemented – wherein select Juniper pieces are incorporated into the revitalized spaces to bring them to life. For example, one of the newest Juniper lounge chairs, one of the desk chairs, as well as the carpet, will be in all 2,760 rooms.

Furniture was selected to pair with the wood finishes, textiles, and the mood of the rooms, which fell into two themes: one that was accentuated by polished stainless steel highlights, and one that was accentuated by polished brass highlights. Both themes aligned with the Juniper hardware, as well as the lighting and accessories within the rooms.  

“From a design perspective, making it all work isn’t that difficult,” Eric adds. “We had everything developed, we just had to take proven items and textures and color palettes that already coexist with each other very well, and reinterpret them so that they enhanced these spaces.”

Aside from some variations on finishes, much of the exact same items within the Treasure Island project are available to consumers and wholesalers through Juniper – right down to silhouettes and patterns. These include the J1… J8… J9… J78… and J79.

Eric is quick to point out that Juniper is not in the business of professional interior design, but rather, sees the Treasure Island project as a large-scale calling card: “It illustrates our experience and ability to assist other hotel owners, design firms and procurement companies to create new exciting opportunities along these lines. When it comes to certain aesthetic criteria, as well as time and price criteria, we can deliver whatever is needed to see their projects through to completion. The Juniper concept is well represented within Treasure Island and I believe the potential for expansion is apparent to those who get to experience it.”

A Vegas hotel could have been daunting for any furniture manufacturer, but Juniper’s challenge to interject their lifestyle and concept into such a grand venue is being met across the board. Eric attributes the success of this project to the synergy between Juniper, Project Dynamics, and his local hospitality representative, Scott Smith. “They were each instrumental in seeing this through,” Eric assures. “Surround yourself with the right people and anything is possible.”

Given the intensive workflow of the Treasure Island project, Eric has not had much time to reflect on the positive experience until now: “The ultimate takeaway is that, as a designer, seeing your product successfully realized on a large scale, in a significant city related to hospitality, is a huge accolade for us. To be entrusted with this endeavor, and to have people so interested in the Juniper aesthetic at that level, is an honor.”


Founded in 1996 and based in San Francisco, Eric Brand offers custom-styled furniture and worldwide sourcing along with exquisite materials and finishes, specifically for the high-end residential design market and hospitality industry.



Named after the fog-licked Juniper trees on the hills of San Francisco, Juniper is an in-stock furniture collection by Eric Brand that pays homage to timeless materials, techniques and silhouettes – brought to life through expert craftsmanship.

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